We are an AI-based software house and creative agency.

Artificial Intelligence + Human Creativity = Artificial Creativity.

* This is an AI-generated video.

Artificial Creativity:
We combine artificial intelligence with human creativity to develop projects



Have you ever thought about making your products talk?

Imagine if your products could talk. Imagine if instead of reading a package insert or some anonymous information printed on the back of your packaging, your customers could interact with your products. They could ask a package of pasta how to cook it or a design object to tell them its story.


Here at Oblique we create creative Chabots that give voice to products, characters, and objects. Can't believe it? Try talking to a tree.


→ Talk to a tree.


Have you ever thought about having a robot write your texts?

Imagine if in a few minutes and with a few euros you could generate dozens of articles for your blog, hundreds of product descriptions for your eCommerce or short texts for your social channels.


Here at Oblique we have developed a platform able to write original, SEO-indexed articles from a brief of just a few lines. Can't believe it? Read some of the articles written by our software.


→ Read some of the articles written by our software.



Have you ever thought about making your data clear, useful, and beautiful to look at?

Imagine if you could organize the historical data of your company, your Social Media or your sales channels to make forecasts or relevant strategic decisions.


Here at Oblique, starting with the storage of your data, we process it with sophisticated computational models and turn it into elegant Data Visualization projects. Can't believe it? Check out one of our examples.


→ See an example.


Have you ever thought about an AI-based creative campaign?

Imagine the most innovative artificial intelligence technologies applied to your creative idea. Imagine being able to create innovative, engaging and personalized communication campaigns.


Here at Oblique, starting from a "human" brief, we develop AI-based communication projects. Can't believe it? Schedule a call with us to tell us about your project and we will figure out together how to make it happen.


→ Schedule a call.





We live in an oblique world,
and we are an oblique agency.


Reality is not only horizontal or vertical. Most of the time, reality is oblique. In an increasingly complex and dynamic world, what really matters lies at the intersection of different disciplines and sectors.


Following this approach, we combine artificial intelligence, design, creativity and strategy to deliver projects that create value. If you are interested in our services, you can email us or schedule a free call ↓.