We are a consulting and creative firm powered by artificial intelligence.

Founded in 2022 (yes, we are still in beta) we develop artificial ingenuity.

* This is an AI generated video. Find out more.

Artificial Ingenuity:
We mix artificial intelligence with human ingenuity to make data

From our lab

Some of the projects
we are working on


WrAIter uses artificial intelligence (AI) to write short articles on a specific topic such as innovation or love or (almost) whatever you want.

Guess Who Wrote It?
Pick an incipit, make it go on, and guess who wrote it, the author himself or our bot: George The Wraiter.

Trained on thousands and thousands (and thousands...) of quotes written by some of the most popular authors of all time, AiQuote uses artificial intelligence to generate inspirational quotes starting from a specific topic.

Friends Talk
Inspired by thousands and thousands (and thousands...) of dialogues from the tv series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. "Friends Talk" uses conversational Artificial Intelligence to let you talk to one of the six characters of the popular tv series.

  • Release Date: January 2022
  • Category: Conversational AI

Oblique Promo
For our very first promo, we asked our trained GPT3 software to write a text starting from our input and then we used Artificial Intelligence to find related clips.

AIXA Content
Using our automated text generation software, we collaborated with the Artificial Intelligence Expo AIXA to produce the first press release written four-handedly with AI and some content for AIXA's social channels.





Data Visualization
& Analysis

You collected millions of data. Good, now it's time to connect them to get valuable insights. We use technologies like Power BI, Python, D3, Observable, and BERT to turn data into something useful (and beautiful).

AI powered
creative projects

Yes, with a little help from us, artificial intelligence can be creative. Starting from a human description of the topic, we can create communication and creative projects powered by artificial intelligence.

Text generation
& comprehension

We combine the most innovative technologies (such as BERT or GPT3) to generate text and analyze tons of pieces of information.



We are living in an oblique world,
and we are an oblique firm.


Reality is not just horizontal or vertical. Most of the time, reality is oblique. Within an increasingly complex and dynamic world, what really matters lies at the intersection of different disciplines and sectors. Following this approach we combine artificial intelligence, design, creativity and strategy to deliver consulting and creative projects that matter. If you are interested in consulting us, send us an email at: